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All SageFox PowerPoint and images are free to use, with NO FEES or registration required. Use for school, business or personal use. SageFox Free PowerPoint Templates are not to be sold or redistributed in any form.

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All our PowerPoint Templates includes a collection of pre-formatted PowerPoint slides (average 50 slides per template), which are 100% editable and 100% Free. Please share to help keep this a free service.

Visually Appealing

Our themed PowerPoints allow you to keep your theme narrative in the minds of your viewers, by using specific background images, while not distracting from your presentation.

Individual Slides

If you need a specific slide added to your Template, click the powerPoint Slides link at the top of this page, to find specific slides that fit your presentation needs.

Show Your Work will be Easy and Stylish

Our Free PowerPoint Templates are unique in so many ways. Simply add your text and images to customize your presentation, and we guarantee your presentations will be what people remember. Some think adding cool images every slide will attract viewers attention, when this is just distracting from your presentation. By having the same obscured image (matching your theme) in the background of each slide, viewers are able to connect to your presentation better. Instead of thinking about and waiting for the next cool image, they are able to focus and understand your words/text. Your goal should be to entertain, while educating your viewers on your topic. This is what our PowerPoint Templates are designed for, and what you will achieve by using our Templates.

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This site is what is getting me through grad school with amazing looking presentations. Thank you so much for offering such high quality templates for free!

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Thank you so much! It's such a great help. God bless you!

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Awesome templates, really large collection of free, fully editable powerpoint presentations and slides

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