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Click a picture to view a larger image. This is just a fraction of what is available in our PowerPoint section. SageFox PowerPoint section is updated daily, but this section is not dynamic and usually contains images of older PowerPoint. This section should only be used to see the types of PowerPoint we provide, and not to see the latest products. Click the PowerPoint link in the header or footer of this site to view and download the actual PowerPoint Templates. We hope you get use from and enjoy our free PowerPoint by SageFox.

What? why more images of templates?

Visual Composer is so much fun, I just had to create another section using their tools.

My name is James Sager and I am a Computer Science major at Liberty University. While trying to find PowerPoint Templates and images for school assignments, I kept finding Templates I had to pay for, PowerPoints that were what I considered junk, or websites that required way too much info. Students already have enough to pay for with school expenses, so I decided to develop the site that I was looking for. You may classify some of my PowerPoints by the term I used earlier “junk”, but I am getting better each day, and will continue to create and upload even after I have no use for PowerPoint. So enjoy… this is for you… brought to you by SageFox

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